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Power Electronics has experienced exponential growth in the industrial market since renewable energies and electric mobility has been positioned as a key applications on a technological scenario based in sustainability criteria. 

This growth makes the demand for power electronic components and other products related to this increased need of a fast and reliable supply is essential. 

Aware of this increased demand from Rectificadores Guasch S.A. , we have created POWERALIATM, multibrand online store that aims to provide a solution and a suitable service through internet. 

Through the online channel we can offer the best market prices, large stock of recognized brands in the sector and ease of purchase that we hope will help to solve your needs of components for power electronics applications.


In POWERALIATM you buy components quickly, comfortably and safely.


We offer products both to build new designs as spare parts for replacement. 

We have a quality management system ISO9001:2015 certified by Bureau Veritas Certification that ensures proper treatment of your orders in line with expectations.


POWERALIATM offers to you:


Power Semiconductors

IGBT drivers

SCR firing boards

Ultra-fast fuses

Power resistors

Power capacitors

RC protection networks

Power varistors



Press-pack clamps



Operation timetable:


Monday to Thursday 8:00 AM - 17:30 PM

Friday 8:00 AM - 14:30 PM

Holidays according to Barcelona-Catalonia-Spain calendar


Corporate profile:


Rectificadores Guasch, S.A.

C/ Ciutat de Granada, 80




D&B DUNS nº: 460149628

ISO9001:2015 BV  certifícate nº: ES071739-1


RECTIFICADORES GUASCH, S.A., is a Spanish company registered at Registro Mercantil de Barcelona, volume 4634, book 3958, section 2nd, page 15, sheet 49821







Do you have projects in power electronics and looks for a company capable of managing a project from idea to product? 
Need supplies in bulk and often superior to those offered by this channel? 
Need custom-made design or personalized products? Contact us in that case at: comercial@e-guasch.com

Rectificadores Guasch S.A. is a manufacturer, importer and distributor with extensive experience and resources. 

See us at www.e-guasch.com